Project commissioned by the tailoring brand Tomorrowland Tailors for the design of the temporary sales space in the Palacio de Hierro department store in Mexico City.

As a starting point, we understood that the dynamics of the space should revolve around the fitting room, this being the space where the client interacts the most with the garments. From here, the user can see around him all the elements that make up the store, from the samples of fabrics and sample books, to the cutting patterns and the shelves with the ready-to-wear garments that characterize the brand.

Taking the user as the main actor in the transformation of the store, curtains were integrated as itinerant dividing elements that provide flexibility and resilience by allowing different configurations of the space within the same confines. Whether: partial closures, spontaneous openings, privacy or exhibition, these elements allow the space to adapt to any need without losing its identity or the functioning of the whole thus making each visit a unique experience for the user.

Through the relationship between this temporary space and the brand’s own identifiable codes, the set undoubtedly offers a unique experience that attracts customers and generates a feeling of relevance and interactivity, both for the individual user and for the context in which it is immersed.

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