MÉRIDA, 2023

Casa Ya’ax is located in the heart of Mérida, the capital city of Yucatán, in a central yet very calm residencial neighborhood. The proyect is intended to be a second home for its owners; a place to live, relax and entertain.

Embracing the irregularity of the land plot, the house is developed in two sets of volumes. The first one cointains the shared and technical spaces of the complex as well as the main suite on a second floor, the other volume, located at the back of the property serves as a backgroud view as well as an independent suite or pool-house for guests and family.

A ground floor plan fragmented in levels was the technique used for softening the irregularities in the plot and to create a fluid transition within the spaces. This also offers pauses and a sense of containment within the different programs that occur inside the property.

In terms of the materiality, the palette is composed by a series of earthy and natural materials, each with an imposed function to perform in the whole complex.

The stone performs as a base or foundation, it recalls the stone platforms from which mayan constructions were erected in the surrounding area which unifies and delimits the building volume. As the shell of the building, erecting on top of the platforms is the green-tinted concrete, with it’s smooth texture, it performs an elegant contrast with the stone and creates a dialogue through the mimicry with the nature that surrounds it. The interior space is organized by functional wooden elements, which comprises all the installations, storage units, technical equipment and utilitary implements that the versatile program demands, thus granting them not only an aesthetic use but also a functional one.

Termination of works: February 2024

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